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Margaret Brooks pronta a ricevere nuove proposte e idee per migliorare il nostro sport


Margaret Brooks invita chiunque a contattarla, scrivendole consigli e nuove proposte per migliorare la visibilità, logistiche etc. per il nostro sport,
invitiamo quindi tutti società, federazioni, atleti e sostenitori a prendere atto di questo “mezzo” per migliorarCI.

Scrivete a :

I would like to thank you all for the support shown to me at the recent CIPA General Assembly, held in Auckland, New Zealand during the Artistic World Championships.

I hope l can live up to your expectation and will be working very hard to bring new ideas, to our Sport.

I shall always be available to listen to anyone throughout the Worlds – your ideas, suggestions for improvements and anything that can help improve the quality of what we do and increase our numbers of artistic roller skaters.

As you will appreciate, it takes time to make new ideas happen.  I shall shortly be selecting the new CIPAS Committee and intend to set up, as promised, sub-committees for dance and for free skating, of people who understand the disciplines and  work together to come up with new ideas that will be satisfactory to everyone.

I shall also be discussing the possibilities of holding Seminars, but all this has to be decided at the end of the year, when l take over officially as President of CIPA , by which time the relevant information should be in my possession.  Until that time, l ask you all please to send me your contact details for each Federation, so that l know the person who is totally responsible for artistic in your country.

By 1 January l hope that l shall know what is possible and what is not possible in my first year.

My home e.mail address is :

My e.mail address when l am away from home:

Thank you all again – l look forward to working with you all in the future, and would like to thank Jim Pollard for his years of dedication to our sport, and to the previous CIPA Committee Members with whom l have been privileged to work for many years- Norio Iwakata, Nicola Genchi, Lorraine Norton, and of course our CIPA Chief Calculator Richie Gussman.


CIPA President

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