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Hugo Chapouto ci racconta la nascita del quartetto “Seven nation army” #matosinhos2016


The choreography is inspired on the hit of the White Stripes “SEVEN NATION ARMY”, on fusion style of hip hop and marcial arts. It aims to tell a story about union and differences, about to share in order to achieve greater goals: “We are united by being different. Separated we are just point of views. Together we are stronger! The stronger we are, the less likely is the war.”

Portuguese Nationals was a great experience, first because it was the official debut of this new quartet, as three of them are skating quartet for the first time. Then because the performance was clean and created great impact on the audience!!! Despite the slippery floor, the four of them showed great skills both technically and artistically. The competition was strong agains expert and high quality groups, and the main goal of conquer a place to Europeans was achieved!

All of them are still individual competitive dance skater, both in solo and dance couples, therefore they are skating a lot. Lucky their are all practicing together every day either in their individual practice as in the quartet training.

All our work is a team work, result of everyone commitment and dedication. They are a special group, all with different personality and backgroup, but because of it (and also why!) they create a special bound inside and outside the rink. Each of them gives a special character to the quartet, building a special feeling to everyone that watch them.

We are lucky to skate on an amazing structure call Rolar Matosinhos, manage by fenomenal people, with great sports facilities and an outstanding team groups spirit, which creates a optimal environment to develop excellent skaters. Also the sponsors have been great to support their skating career as Lycrart, Edea and Roll-Line. However, I believe that we should be thankful to be able to do what we love, with people we love!!!!

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