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Documento CIPA n.01 – 2013

  • SR 3.07 Fall
  • SR 3.08 Competitive Warm-Ups
  • FR 6.02 Short Program Set Elements
  • FR 6.03 Free Skating Long Programme
  • 6.10.03 TOE-LOOP (MAPES)
  • and others..

Modifiche al Cepa Book – 2013/2014

  • Well balanced Free skating Long Programme for all category
  • espoir minis free programme
  • The BAD execution of the element (OPEN TOE LOOP)
  • Dance 2014 for couple and solo dance
  • and others…

danze 2014 coppia danza danze 2014 solo dance



2012 November 09
As promised the first technical sub-committee has been announced
We have a Dance Commission working together to consider in the best interests of all countries, how we can improve dance, whether couples or solo, making sure that all countries throughout the World are working from the same rules, patterns ad guidelines.

We are also anxious to have new dances for couples and solo, particularly at the lower end, minis, espoir, cadet,and try and interest the young ones to skate dance and enjoy it – anyway who can do this, please send your suggested dance to me, so the Dance commission can consider it for the future.

We already have “TANGO DELANCHA” for Senior Solo Dance which was demonstrated by Hugo Chapouto recently, and he will be making a DVD of this to put on the internet by the end of the year, for you all to see it and try it – a solo dance at Senior level for the future.

The Sub-Commission consists of Lorenza Residori from Italy, Hugo Chapouto from Portugal and Angie Famiano (Lasher) from the USA, and l thank the for agreeing to take on this task.

Margaret Brooks
President of CIPA

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