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Solo Dance divide maschi e femmine


Important comunication for future Solo Dance events
December 03, 2008 CIPA by Nicola Genchi
After the Senior Solo Dance World Championships, CIPA took an important decision about future events.

World Championships 2009 for SENIOR Solo Dance
CIPA have decided that for the 2009 World Senior Solo Dance Championships, there will be two events – one for Senior Men and one for Senior Ladies.
The dances will be the same for both, and the Ladies steps will be skated in each event. All other rules for Senior Solo Dance remain unchanged.Please note that Junior Solo Dance remains as one event for both Men and Ladies.
As a reminder
Junior Solo Dances – 14 Step Plus. Imperial Tango
Senior Solo Dances – Quickstep. Westminster Waltz (two events one for Men, one for Women, all steps to be the Ladies Steps in both events.

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