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La stagione internazionale 2014 scritta da Margaret Brooks – CEPA


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Resoconto di fine anno di  Margaret Brook che ci lieta infine di una scaletta di eventi, i più importanti nel campo del pattinaggio artistico a rotelle, che avrà in finale il campionato del mondo di Reus a inizio ottobre. In bocca al lupo a tutti i pattinatori per la nuova stagione!

I would like to thank you all for the co-operation shown to the New CIPA Committee through this season,
and for the support given to the World Artistic Championships held in Taipei City, which, although
having problems during the first days, ended as an excellent World Championship, and very high quality
skating – thanks to all the Countries who participated in Taipei and l look forward to meeting you all
again in Reus, Spain for the 2014 World Championships.

I have just returned from the Cup of Nations in Spain, which was held in Girona, with Argentina,
France,Italy, and Spain taking part. This was a very well run event and hopefully will take place again
sometime in the future.

Whilst in Spain, l met with the Organisers of the 2014 World Championships, and they are very well
prepared already for these Championships and during January 2014 l will be sending to all Nations early
information for you all regarding entries and the dates these must be sent to CIPA etc. etc. We want
this event to be very professional and well-run, and can only do that with the co-operation of you all. It
is impossible to receive entries very late, as the programme has then to be changed many times, and
this is not possible for an Organiser who wants to make available tickets for the different events, on
certain days, hotel accommodation to be made available for everyone early, etc.

I am attaching the dates of the main events to be held in 2014 and look forward to meeting you all
during the 2014 season.

I am always available via e.mail for any assistance anyone may require, whether it be technical, general
information, or contacts.
I wish you and your families a very Happy Christmas and hope 2014 is a good year for you all both in
our Sport of Artistic Roller Skating and personally

e.mail: Or at :


19-28 September Asian Championships
Haiing, China (Artistic from 19-23 Sept)

20-27 April Oceania Championships
Palmerston North, New Zealand

10-11 March South American Games
Santiago de Chile
17-20 Jan Pan American Qualifying Championships
Kissimmee, Florida, USA

24-26 April European Championships for Show/Precision
Almere, Nr. Amsterdam, NL
31 Aug-5 Sept Junior/Senior European Championships
Roccaraso / Italy


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