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interviste ai grandi del pattinaggio rotelle


Consiglio di dare una lettura al sito di Jayson Sutcliffe, in particolare alla sezione delle interviste INTERVIEWS, tra le varie a D’Alisera, Michele Teruzzi, Luca Lallai, e molti grandi del pattinaggio, segnalerei quella a SANDRO GUERRA coreografo mondiale e 7 volte campione del mondo, davvero eccezzionale!

Riporto una delle domande: Question4: Are you enjoying your time as a choreographer or did you prefer competing?Answer4: I prefer choreographing it´s more interesting for me and in some way it’s important to help the new skater to let them learn what the artistic roller skating is. Now it is always more important for everybody to be more complete as a skater..more than my days when we were really a few paying attention to the choreography. The only thing that I miss from the competition side is to meet other people and to visit other country. To compete for me it was in the end to much stress!

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